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St. Vincent’s Private Hospital cancer services have recently transformed its processes by introducing the CATO software system.

The system provides a paperless workflow system from admission and scheduling of a patient’s treatment, e-prescribing of systemic anti-cancer therapy (SACT), electronically recorded compounding and dispensing of SACT and the capability for barcode administration of SACT. 

The vast majority of patients will be treated with some form of SACT: Intravenous, Subcutaneous, Oral or Intrathecal. These treatments may be Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy or targeted therapies which are selected as single agents or in combinations to treat the individual characteristics of each patient’s cancer.


The CATO system allowed for substantial improvements:

Improved Patient safety: 

  • All SACT to be prescribed electronically and administration to be recorded electronically. Clear legible prescriptions for SACT with decision support and assistance for dose calculations minimise the risks of administration errors. 

Improved processes efficiency: 

  • Reduce inefficiencies in the patient flow through the process of providing SACT in SVPH.
  • Improved patient waiting times through gains in efficiencies in the overall process. 

Improved communication:

  • Availability of all needed information (treatment plan), authorised treatment protocols, decision supports and patient treatment history in one location. 
  • Seamless transitions of care between healthcare professionals and process stages; from prescribers to pharmacy to nursing all relevant information is passed by defining process stages and stops (hard and soft) in between stages. 

Improved analysis of data and easier auditing (Clinical and non-clinical):

  • Reliable data for financial billing auditing requests from PMIs 
  • Easier to conduct audit procedures

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