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About this service

The Dressing Clinic at St. Vincent’s Private Hospital provides a specialist, high quality, evidence-based wound management and tissue viability service for patients post procedures carried out in the hospital and for patients currently on chemotherapy.

The Dressings Clinic is managed by a dedicated, highly skilled team of specialist nurses working within a friendly and safe environment. Our wound care specialists offer a wide range of wound care therapies and treatments to help you heal post operatively and after your cancer treatment.

Our skilled team evaluate your individual needs, thoroughly discuss dressing choices, treatment options and provide personalized care plans.

Services available

The cost per dressing is €45.

  • Change of Dressing
  • Removal of Clips/Sutures 
  • Post-op Wound Review                                        
  • Drain Dressings or Removal of same
  • Profore Compression Dressings
  • PICO Dressing Application/Renewal/Removal 
  • ActiV.A.C Negative Pressure Therapy Dressing Removal/ Applicatio
  • Removal of Picc line (Consultant Signature Required)
  • Chronic Wound Assessment and Wound Care Plan