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An arthroscopy is a surgical procedure where the surgeon uses a small camera (arthroscope) to inspect the inside of a joint for damage & disease. Sometimes, depending on what is found and the cause, they can clean the joint to relieve pain or discomfort caused by certain types of damage. It can also be used to assess the need for further, more complex joint surgery.


After Your Surgery:

After an ankle arthroscopy, you will be walking with the aid of crutches for a few days until you are able to weight bear fully unaided on the operated foot. Our physiotherapy staff will go through this with you and show you how to use the crutches correctly when you are in for surgery.

Depending on the findings from your arthroscopy, you may need further treatment or surgery.  Your surgeon will discuss the findings and proposed treatment plan with you during your follow-up appointment after surgery.

Consultants who offer this service

Prof. Robert Flavin

Prof. Robert Flavin


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