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Fluoroscopy 8-10 weeks wait time

The positive contrast is the barium sulphate and the negative is air produced by giving the patient Carbex. It is almost always done in conjunction with a barium swallow

This procedure is performed in our Fluoroscopy room. The procedure is carried out by a consultant radiologist and a radiographer. The procedure takes approximately 20-30mins 

You are required to fast from the midnight the night before for this procedure

You will be asked to swallow carbex granules and wash them down with carbex solution 

You will be given a cup of barium and asked to swallow a few mouthfuls. 

You will be asked to turn into various positions on the fluoroscopy table and imaging will be acquired by the radiologist 

On occasion, pieces of bread are added to the barium 

The projections and number of images will vary depending on the pathology being investigated

A report is done by the radiologist and this is sent to the referring clinician 

Contact information

Tel: (01) 263 8030

Email: X-raysvph@svph.ie


Opening hours of 

Monday to Friday 08.00 – 18.00

Referral information

Healthlink referrals accepted

Email: X-raysvph@svph.ie


Please ensure to include:

  • Patients Full Name
  • Patients Date of Birth
  • Patients Address
  • Specific scan required
  • Clinical Information/Reason for referral
  • GP Signature and MCN
  • Date of Referral


Additional appointment details

  • Appointments only
  • these services are available to both Inpatient and Outpatient
  • Request are scheduled according to priority/ urgency 
  • Direct payment may be available in some circumstances subject to your private health insurance provider and  policy