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Diagnostics and Treatments

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Diagnostics: Ways to diagnose your condition. Treatments: Ways to treat your condition.

Explore the different ways we can diagnose and treat your condition. An accurate diagnosis is the first step in the journey to achieving effective treatment for your condition.


Laryngeal papillomatosis

Surgery is the primary method for removing tumors from the larynx or airway.


Laryngeal re-innervation surgery

Recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN) reinnervation is a surgical option that helps manage hoarseness due to a one-sided vocal cord paralysis or immobility.


Laryngopharyngeal reflux

A condition in which acid that is made in the stomach travels up the esophagus (swallowing tube) and gets to the throat.


Laryngoscopy (camera assessment of the throat)

A diagnostic test using a camera assessment of the throat.


Leukoplakia / erythroplakia / lichen planus (pre-malignant conditions)

The main goal of treating leukoplakia is to prevent it from becoming cancer.


Liver, Pancreas and Bilary Surgery

Minimally invasive liver, bile duct, gallbladder and pancreatic surgery options to treat problems of the digestive system.


Loop Recorder Monitoring

A type of heart-monitoring device that records your heart rhythm continuously for up to three years.

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Lumbar puncture

A lumbar puncture is where a thin needle is inserted between the bones in your lower spine to remove a sample of cerebrospinal fluid for testing.



Lumpectomy is surgery to remove cancer or other abnormal tissue from your breast.


Lung Cancer


Lymph Node Biopsy

A small operation, usually with a local anaesthetic, to take samples of your lymph node to see if they contain cancer cells.


Lymph node removal 

Lymph node removal is a surgical procedure to take out one or more of your lymph nodes.