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Diagnostics and Treatments

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Diagnostics: Ways to diagnose your condition. Treatments: Ways to treat your condition.

Explore the different ways we can diagnose and treat your condition. An accurate diagnosis is the first step in the journey to achieving effective treatment for your condition.



An ultrasound scan uses high–frequency sound waves to create an image of the area being examined. Ultrasound gel is put onto your skin during the exam and a small handheld probe is moved over the part of the body being examined.

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Ultrasound Biomicroscopy

Ultrasound Biomicroscopy (UBM) is a technique primarily used for imaging of the anterior segment (AS) of the eye.

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Upper Limb Surgery

Upper limb surgery refers to surgery of the shoulder and elbow, separate to hand surgery which involves surgeries of the hand and wrist.


Urethral Pressure Profile

A Urethral Pressure Profile indicates the intraluminal pressure along the length of the urethra with the bladder at rest.


Uroflow and bladder scan for post void residuals

The purpose of this test is to find out if you are emptying all the urine out of your bladder.


Urogynaecology and Urodynamics

Diagnostics services for pelvic floor disorders affecting the bladder, reproductive organs and bowel.