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The team involved in MRI

Your MRI scan will be performed by a highly skilled Radiographer who has been trained in all aspects of MRI. They will give you detailed instruction and look after your safety throughout the scan.  Our dedicated team of Consultants Radiologists are on site and use special computers and software to interpret your MRI scan and will provide a detailed report on their findings.

GP Referral information

Referral information

Healthlink referrals accepted

Email: X-raysvph@svph.ie


Please ensure to include:
  • Patients Full Name
  • Patients Date of Birth
  • Patients Address
  • Specific scan required
  • Clinical Information/Reason for referral
  • GP Signature and MCN
  • Date of Referral


Additional appointment details
  • Appointments only
  • these services are available to both Inpatient and Outpatient
  • Request are scheduled according to priority/ urgency 
  • Direct payment may be available in some circumstances subject to your private health insurance provider and  policy

Opening hours:

Daily: 08.00 – 18.00