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About the service

Diet and lifestyle is often the first step for someone wishing to lose weight and can achieve 5-10% weight loss.

Many people attending a weight loss service will have lost weight previously through diet and exercise but for some people, it will be their first time attending a specialised weight management service. Our approach is rooted in science and an understanding that weight gain and obesity are complex and have many contributing factors.   

Our role is to help our patients to better understand their own relationship with food and their eating habits and to equip them with nutritional and behavioural tools to help support sustainable weight loss and develop a long-term healthy relationship with food.


The team involved

  • Dietetic consultations with CORU Registered Dieitian, Therese Coleman

  • For support with exercise we have partnered with Medfit Proactive Healthcare. Their exercise physiologists can help provide a personalised exercise programme to meet our patients’ activity and fitness goals.