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About our service

The surgical treatment of obesity aims to achieve significant and sustainable weight loss (>20% of body weight in the long-term) and an improvement in health. These results are achieved through altering the stomach and intestinal anatomy. Bariatric surgery can lead to remission of, or significant improvement in, the complications of obesity including: Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea, heart disease and joint pains. Bariatric surgery can also lower the risk of developing obesity-related cancers by as much as 40%.

The team involved

  • Consultations with either Professor Helen Heneghan or Ms. Naomi Fearon.
  • Pre-assessment clinic with physician (Prof le Roux, Dr Neff), dietitian (Ms. Therese Coleman) and psychologist (Dr Finian Fallon).
  • Consultation with a Bariatric Surgeon to discuss the surgical options and what is right for you.
Surgical Therapy