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About our imaging service

As one of the most established and comprehensive imagining departments in private Irish healthcare, our cutting-edge technology and highly trained staff are instrumental in the diagnosis, assessment, planning and treatment delivery for patients.We continually strive to evolve our service and technology to meet international best-practice and technology standards so that we can provide timely, accurate feedback to our patients and clinical staff. W

Click the tab below for a full overview of our imaging fees: 

CT Scans*  €400 per area
CT Cardiac €550
CT Colon* €550
DEXA €140
Mammogram* €200
MRI Non Contrast* €350 per area
MRI with Contrast* €475 per area
MRI Cardiac Scan €570 
Ultrasound €220
X-ray €100 


(*)This test may be covered by a direct payment agreement in certain cases. Patients are asked to check with their insurance provider as cover varies widely depending on your plan, your health history and the type of examination being done.

If no direct cover is available, patients are expected to pay in full on the day and prior to the exaination.

Wait time indicators

We have now introduced a waiting time indicator for routine radiology services to guide you and your patients when making decisions. These wait times can be seen by clicking on each of the diagnostic service tabs on our Radiology service page.