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Your Admission

As our patient, we'll do everything we can to make your time with us as comfortable as possible. From the moment you arrive at our hospital, our friendly, expert teams are by your side. We are dedicated to caring for you and making you feel welcome so if you need any assistance when you arrive, just ask any member of our team.

When you arrive go straight to Admissions on the Ground Floor – beside the main entrance to the hospital.

Admissions is open Monday to Friday from 06:45 – 18:00 and on Saturdays from 06:45 – 12:00

When you arrive in Admissions, you will be registered by a member of staff and asked to complete any necessary insurance documentation.

  • Please note that patients for admission outside of normal opening hours should check-in at the main reception of the hospital.
  • If you are unable to attend (as an inpatient or day case) please contact the admissions office on (01) 260 9300 or email admissions@svph.ie.
  • In the unlikely event that there may be a delay in your admission, we will contact you as early as possible and your admission will be rescheduled.

Your accommodation

Private patients are accommodated in spacious single rooms, while semi-private patients are assigned twin rooms. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms and hand/bath towels are all provided. Multi-channel flat screen TVs, direct dial telephones and WiFi are all available in each room.


Day of Surgery Admissions Lounge (DOSAL)

The Day of Surgery admission service is designed to provide a streamlined comfortable admission experience for patients. When you arrive at the hospital, please check in to the central admissions office on the ground floor. If you are being admitted via the Day of Surgery Admissions Lounge (DOSAL), you will then be directed to the DOSAL unit where a nurse will carry out your nursing admission assessment. Once your nursing assessment has been completed, you will be asked to wait in our comfortable patient lounge. Any tests such as blood tests, ECG and radiology that have been ordered by your consultant will be carried out before your surgery. You will be taken directly to the operating theatre from the DOSAL and then transferred to your ward after your surgery. All your belongings will be transferred to the ward once you have gone to theatre.


Meeting the clinical team

Shortly after your admission you will meet with the clinical and nursing team who will take you through the elements of your treatment and provide you with a full understanding of planned procedures, treatments, surgeries and any necessary care following discharge.

A patient’s consent is required before certain treatments and procedures, such as surgery, anaesthesia and the use of blood and blood products. As part of the consent process, your consultant will clearly explain the procedure to you, outlining the risks and the benefits. We encourage all patients to actively participate in their care plan, and to ask as many questions as necessary (link to patient charter page)

General Patient Safety

Patient safety is at the heart of everything we do at St. Vincent's Private Hospital. We ask you to adhere to the following to ensure that you remain safe during your stay with us. 

St. Vincent’s Private Hospital promotes a completely smoke-free environment throughout the hospital. In the interest of patients, staff and visitors, smoking is not permitted either inside the hospital or on the hospital grounds. This includes vaping and e-cigarettes which are also not permitted inside the hospital or on the hospital grounds.

It is important to remember that, during your stay with us, you may be unsteady on your feet due to your condition or your medical treatment. To reduce your risk of having a fall, you are encouraged to use the call bell provided in your room to ask for assistance when moving about. It is also important to ensure that you are wearing well-fitting footwear.

On admission, you will be provided with a patient identification wristband. It is important that you wear this at all times while staying with us. Please also advise us if you have any food or medication allergies.

To identify patients correctly and for your safety, staff members may frequently require you to confirm your name, date of birth and/or medical record number, throughout your stay.

Patients must inform a nurse if you are leaving your ward, even if it is only for a short period of time.

You are advised not to bring large sums of money, jewellery or expensive electronic items with you, as we cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged property. We strongly recommend the use of the safe, which can be found inside the wardrobe in your room.

All staff members are instructed in fire safety, and fire exits are clearly marked throughout the hospital. In the unlikely event of a fire, stay calm and follow the instructions of staff.

Some appliances can interfere with hospital equipment, so it is important to first check with a member of staff before personal electronic devices are used. These include the use of mobile phones, laptops, iPads.

For safety reasons, hot water bottles are not permitted in the hospital.

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