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The Medical Social Work Department recognises that illness and admission to hospital may have an emotional and social impact on an individual and their families. The main role of a Medical Social Worker is to provide support with psychological, emotional, social or practical difficulties a patient or their family member may experience during their hospital stay.

About our services

  • Counselling and emotional support to patients and their families and carers
  • Patient and family education which focuses on coping with illness and talking to children
  • Support with care planning, applications to external services and nursing home support scheme.
  • Providing information and education about HSE and private support services available to patients and their families
  • Promote the safety and protection of any patient identified by the hospital staff to be at risk of physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse or neglect.

The Medical Social Work Department do not deal directly with any Social Welfare claims or enquiries about entitlements. Instead, we advise that you contact your local Social Welfare Office or Citizens Information Centre.