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About our service

The Pharmacy Department is a fully integrated and trusted team working closely with colleagues of multiple disciplines to provide the best possible care for our patients.

The team is made up of a qualified and highly skilled pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who provide a wide range of services to support patients and offer highest level patient care. The team participate in ongoing continuous education to ensure that patients benefit from current best practice.


Recognition for quality improvement initatives

The Pharmacy Cancer Services have been recognised throughout the last 10 years for its work in the improvement in quality of services, patient safety and innovation. The pharmacy team has been nominated for numerous awards over this period of time and was recently, the overall winner of 2 prestigious awards in 2018 (Best Outpatient project- Irish Healthcare Awrds) and 2022 (Pharmacy team of the year- European Association of Hospital Pharmacy).

Our services

The dispensary service is responsible for ensuring the procurement and management of prompt, safe and cost-effective medicines including the distribution of patient medicines to hospital wards and clinical areas and non-aseptic (extemporaneous) compounding.

Our clinical pharmacists work closely with doctors, nurses and other members of the multidisciplinary team to ensure that patient medication regimens are effective and safe.  They play a key role in monitoring and reviewing patients and their medication and in providing education where appropriate. We also, if required, liaise with community pharmacy colleagues and GPs before admission and after discharge

St. Vincent’s Private Hospital has a high volume oncology and haematology service. The pharmacy has an Aseptic Compounding Unit (ACU) where all the injectable chemotherapy for patients in the hospital is prepared. Patients within the rheumatology, interventional radiology and other services are also supplied with products prepared by the ACU.

The unit was newly built with the hospital to the highest specs and regulatory standards and carries out its operation in compliance with international and national guidelines ensuring the highest quality of all its products.

Pharmacists working in the cancer services are specialised in the Haematology/Oncology area and provides a clinical service to both inpatients and outpatients.