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About our service

Knowing the right foods to eat after a cancer diagnosis, can be stressful and overwhelming. With access to so much information online, it is very likely you have been exposed to misleading information and restrictive diets. These are usually promoted from unreliable sources and lack scientific evidence. Here, at St Vincent’s Private Hospital we have a dedicated Oncology and Haematology Dietitian who can support and educate you on the best nutrition for your cancer journey, using evidence based advice.

Current research has shown that nutritional status, unintentional weight loss and changes in your eating habits can have a negative effect on your tolerance to treatments. Our dietitian can support you with dietary advice, specific to your needs, which will:

  • optimise your nutritional status
  • minimise toxicities from your cancer treatment
  • enhance your tolerance to those treatments.

We can also discuss food safety, dispel any myths around diet and cancer (you may have come across) and address any concerns relating to diet and nutrition.

Our dietitian is actively involved in research in the area of oncology. One recent study, she was involved with, investigated the dietary advice and misinformation patients received after their cancer diagnosis.

At each cancer treatment it is most likely your nurse will check your weight and discuss any side effect you may have from your treatments. These side effect may include nausea, poor appetite, sore mouth, dry mouth or altered bowel habits.  They will contact the dietitian to assess you if it is required.

Below is a link to a website where there are 3 recipe books that we share with our cancer patients which can be downloaded.

  1. Cancer induced weight loss - e-recipe book
  2. Eating well with swallowing difficulties - e-recipe book
  3. Healthy eating for cancer survivors - e-book