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St. Vincent’s Private Hospital is committed to protecting all personal data which it collects, uses, and stores. The purpose of this leaflet is to explain how we collect and use personal information during the provision of our services.  We must collect your personal data in order to provide our services.

How do we collect information?

We may collect this information from a variety of sources, such as:

  • directly from you by our staff or hospital consultants;
  • from third parties, for example your GP, other hospitals, pharmacies, or other health or social care providers; or,
  • through emergency services such as the Gardai or an ambulance service provider.

What information do we collect?

  • Contact details of patients and their relatives.
  • Medical information such as medical history, reason for admission / referral, family medical history, infection control details, and any other notes and reports about your health needs.
  • Insurance and payment details.
  • Results of investigations, such as laboratory tests, x-rays, notes and reports.
  • Patient feedback, enquiries received, logs of calls received, complaints received and adverse occurrence forms.
  • CCTV footage for security purposes.

We may process your information to:

  • Diagnose patients and provide needed care.
  • Conduct health research, with your consent.
  • Deal with queries received.
  • Send appointment reminders.
  • Verify insurance details and process payments.
  • Train and develop junior staff and students.
  • Report incidents, infectious diseases and other information as necessary for the protection of public  health.
  • Carry out administrative processes including auditing.
  • Ensure appropriate levels of health and safety and security are in place.
  • Established legal claims or proceeding or defend ourselves in such scenarios.

Who is your data shared with?

  • Medical consultants or other healthcare providers for the provision of providing you care and treatment.
  • In some cases we may share your data with other entities in the St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group, such as when attending the radiology department we share data with St. Vincent’s University Hospital
  • Parties whom you’ve given us permission to share information with, such as family or friends.

Other third parties include; your insurance provider for payment purposes, legal representatives as may be necessary, and public bodies, as required.

Where possible, personal data will be anonymised or aggregated before being disclosed to any third parties and will only be shared on a need to know basis in relation to your treatment and care.

How do we securely retain your records?

Your records are secured in line with our Information Security Policies which are aligned to industry good practice.

All of our staff are trained in how to keep your information confidential and secure.

To download a copy of this Patient Privacy statement click here

Our full privacy notice is available at: https://4f6f2c8a04.nxcli.net/privacy-policy-full

Or request a hard copy from dataprotection@svph.ie