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About the service

Patients with sleep disorders all commonly experience excessive daytime sleepiness which has many effects including reduced cognitive function, increased irritability, depression, risk of road traffic accidents. A diagnostic study is therefore required to differentiate between the different disorders.

Here at the Sleep Disorders Unit, we offer a state-of the art Sleep laboratory and referral centre for investigating and treating sleep disorders.


The team

There are 3 Sleep consultants referring to the service, and there are 2 pathways for diagnosis and treatment, either ‘in-hospital’ or ‘home based’ (Domiciliary) Patient suitability for either pathway is decided by their sleep consultant.


Specialist services 

  • Diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnoea including education session and mask fitting.
  • Efficacy of treatment (CPAP / Mandibular device)
  • Other sleep disorders investigated include Restless legs syndrome, (RLS). Periodic Leg Movement Syndrome (PLMS) and Narcolepsy.
  • Daytime sleep studies for documenting excessive somnolence (MSLT/MWT)