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About our service

The Triple Assessment Clinic – at the Maple Centre –  was established at St. Vincent’s Private Hospital in 2005 to provide a rapid diagnostic service to patients.

In line with NCCP (2021) guidelines, women with symptoms and signs that merit urgent assessment are offered an appointment at a triple assessment clinic which operates once per week on a Monday morning.  Not all patients who are referred will require a triple assessment.

The Triple Assessment Clinic consists of breast imaging, namely a mammogram (for patients aged  35 and older), ultrasound and if any abnormality is detected a needle biopsy as well as a clinical assessment by a breast specialist.  

Patients visiting the Triple Assessment Clinic, patients will have a full imaging workup together with a clinical examination by a specialist breast surgeon in a single visit.

If there is a focal imagining or clinical abnormality, the patients will have a biopsy. The choice between mammography or ultrasound for imaging depends largely on the women’s age, although women over 35 usually have both tests.

During your appointment, you will be offered:

  • Clinical assessment
  • Radiological examination
  • Tissue sampling (depending on clinical and radiological indications)

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