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Direct Access Services Urgent apts within 14 days*

About our comprehensive, consultant lead, service

The Endoscopy Unit at St. Vincent’s Private Hospital also offers a Direct Access Referrals service to referring physicians to expedite patient care. These services are provided by a team of consultants with expert knowledge and clinical experience in the fields of gastroenterology and general surgery.

  • Urgent referrals received are triaged within 24 hours of receipt
  • Depending upon the details in the referral form the referral may be directed to a specific consultant with a particular interest in the specified area / condition
  • Patients are contacted directly to arrange an appointment and depending upon their availability will be offered an suitable timely date
  • Following the procedure, the consultant discusses the results of the procedure with the patient. Patients will be provided with a copy of their report. 
  • A detailed reports is sent directly to the referring GP and where a result is urgent, the GP will be contacted by phone. Any pathology results will also be sent to the GP as soon as they are available ( please note that this may take 3 - 4 weeks).

Urgent Referrals are triaged by a consultant and suitable patients are booked into the next available slot.

*Please note: Direct patient referrals will be reviewed by a consultant and for those that are deemed to be urgent, we aim to provide an appointent within 14 days*. 


Further Endoscopy Information

For more information visit the Endoscopy Unit at St. Vincent's Private Hospital.

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