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About our service

The surgical day unit at St. Vincent's Private Hospital provides a wide range of surgical procedures in our fully equipped theatre. Our consultant surgeons and anaesthetists perform surgeries ranging from vascular procedure, ophthalmic injections, excisional biopsies, dermatology investigations and central line insertion to rhizotomies, nerve blocks and joint injections for patients attending with chronic pain conditions. 


The team

This busy department is coordinated by our experienced CNM2 and a team of surgical nursing staff. This department also coordinates the dressing clinic which provides an outpatient service or post surgical patients and patients with a variety of needs such as peripheral ulcers, central venous catheter care and pre-chemo phlebotomy. 

The following services can be accomodated through the Surgical Daycare Unit. To make a referral to one of our consultants, visit our consultants directory for more information. 

Post-surgery, patients who are day cases, not overnight stays, will be brought back to this unit for recovery monitoring and to be collected by their next of kin or a nominated person upon discharge.